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Nutritious community baked bread at affordable prices

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dough for dough

The prices of our products are based on a pay as you feel sliding scale. We call this 'dough-for-dough'.

For example, the sourdough loaves are priced at $5-$10, depending on what you can or would like to pay.

As a Community Bakery, this structure helps to keep our products affordable and accessible, whilst giving those that can, the opportunity to pay a little more to help others enjoy our breads. We reserve the right to change our daily prices at short notice based on current supply issues.


The Community Grocer
90 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Mon,Tues, Weds


Order online by 930am Monday for Wednesday pick up from:
Fitzroy, Brunswick East or Thornbury


The online store is open from Wednesdays at 5pm, till Mondays at 12pm. Please place your order before 12pm Monday for Wednesday afternoon pick up.

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Bread, fire and community..

High Rise Community Bakery is a local baking group and social enterprise facilitated by Cultivating Community.  Each week, community members come together at the Fitzroy Community Food Centre in the name of fire, bread and community! Together we bake affordable, nutritious and delicious bread whilst building connection and community. 

Our bakers, Cass and Tara, work alongside local volunteers to mix, knead and shape our dough before it is baked in the magnificent Alan Scott wood fired oven located at the heart of the community garden of the Fitzroy Housing Estate. 

Through these actions, we aim to provide affordable and nutritious bread to the community and foster a space for knowledge sharing. All money raised from High Rise bread sales goes back into the community bakery - paying for equipment and ingredients and supporting the community bakery to reach more people. 

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Fitzroy Community Food Centre
125 Napier Street Fitzroy

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