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Learning, Education and Social Connection
We offer comprehensive learning and education experiences for Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Special and University education settings, Community Groups and Businesses.

This includes garden designs, builds and maintenance services, cooking and baking sessions, food waste and food supply or green and environment skills that have strong SROI and create social connections.
We can come to you or host excursion workshops, at our Gardens, Bakery, Urban Rooftop Farm. We can develop bespoke activities to enhance curriculums , solve organizational ESG that are immersive experiences.
Over 25 years of understanding food within a variety of settings places us well to help create flexible community-based model for you.

Social Connection at School Level 

Cultivating Community can support schools to set up and maintain a productive food garden - these are our "collaborative" gardens. We can consider your needs and help facilitate community connection, volunteer support and maintain your space. If you aren't ready for that we can advise and guide you on your design and plans and inspire your community.  Our experience can nurture your teaching staff and at a minimum open up your garden to a wider community option and support environmental, social and governance outcomes. 
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