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School Food Gardens Program

A beautiful food garden for learning in every school


Within our School Food Garden Program we teach students how to grow their own food, reduce food waste and act sustainably. With over twenty years’ experience in this area, we have a wealth of expertise that can help student learn how the food system works, how food is grown, and the value of preparing and sharing healthy food together.


​We’ve found that a school food garden is a great starting point for getting the whole school community engaged in food and sustainability!

Food, learning and growing

Cultivating Community support schools to set up and maintain a productive food garden. We provide teaching staff with concrete ways to utilise green spaces for students to learn outdoors.


Our workshops are designed to provide inspiration, information, and

resources that support both students and teachers to set up and maintain a school food garden. We aim to embed learning and enhance links to the curriculum within your schools’ outdoor environment.

​Our program aims to:

  1. Provide students with the practical skills and knowledge required to grow food

  2. Support staff to connect the outdoor learning to the curriculum in the classroom

  3. Strengthen the school community through growing and sharing fresh food

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We tailor our program to suit your school’s unique needs. 

Contact us to find out more and arrange an onsite visit.

Make the most of your outdoor classroom

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