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Cultivating Community - Work Pathways 

With support from Government and Philanthropy as well as strong collaborations with expert agencies and Private Business we are able to create pathways to employment for CALD groups and in particular young people who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Working with Victorian College for the Deaf and their Urban Block Social Enterprise we are creating experiences from 2023 - 2026 that develop employability skills, micro enterprise ideas, sector skills in food systems and importantly soft skills around empathy, emotional intelligence, growth mindsets and work readiness.   

Our goals in work pathways from 2022 - 2025:

  • Increase employment of people with lived experience of Public Housing or who are CALD by 15%.

  • Develop 1 Sustainable Food System Micro Enterprise.

  • Sustain 2 Food System Social Enterprises.

  • 36 participants within our work pathway program.

  • Co design content with our clients utilising design thinking and spectrum of participation.

  • Share our learnings with a community of practice for others to replicate.

As an accredited Social Enterprise we provide solutions for employment whilst balancing our social justice lens with the ability to sell a product. For us that product is High Rise Community Bakery, Hortus Garden Design Service and supply of produce from the Burwood Brickworks Rooftop Farm. 

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