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Our Mission, Vision and Purpose

Our mission is to work with diverse and low-income communities to create fair, secure and resilient food systems.


Our vision is for joyful, connected communities who care for each other and our earth.


Our purpose is to inspire a healthy and just world.

Our Values

We get stuff done and have a can-do mindset wrapped up in trust and respect for all.
We are good at knowing where we face challenges, and we can continually reflect on doing better or changing our ways. We are grateful for our colleagues and the work we do and the communities we do it with. We remain open minded, share in our success and are united in purpose as a team.


We care about who we work with and for. We utilise empathy, sensitivity, advocacy, curiosity, and ethics to do it.
For us diversity and inclusion are strengths that make us internally and externally more likely to be in tune with our community and participants. We will work hard with our organisations emotional intelligence to connect with each other.

We embrace ideas and activity that can inspire others to lead change in our communities for the better.
Nothing gets ruled out if we think it can make a positive change and meaningful impact to our services and the frameworks. We measure against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Social Connection Index and Well Being surveys and aspire for our opportunities to impact upon Wicked System solutions.


We can make magic happen with the depth and breadth of our team and the diversity of our community.
That magic can be lots of small things or one big thing that brings difference and joy to someone we work with or for. We will critically think about solutions and consider what is the problem we are trying to solve and use the creative canvas of our team and the subject matter of food and growing to solve them.

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Through our work in Public Housing Community Gardens we provide opportunities for renters and  communities to socially connect and access to healthy  and culturally appropriate food. 


Our Cooking activities allow people to gather and socially connect via food sharing and learning new skills and food competencies. Within our education setting activities and community cooking, we create opportunities for people of all ages to learn how to grow and prepare food, reduce food waste and act sustainably.

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We coordinate, participate in and advise on projects relating to food literacy, circular economies, food waste issues, gardening, baking and cooking, CSR , ESG, composting and all things related to the food system.  We working with government bodies, local councils and community groups, individuals and businesses. We can also support the establishment of community gardens, social connection ideas with growing and provide advice on design through to governance models.


Our story

Cultivating Community have been pioneers of Melbourne's urban agriculture community for over 25 years.

Established in 1998, Cul
tivating Community began as a project linking people living in the community of Collingwood through arts and gardening activities.

Our  team develop social connection in the communities they work with.

Our board is a diverse group of professionals who lead our governance.


Annual Reports and SDGs

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Annual Report 202122.png
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SDG Report 2022.png
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A big thank you to our supporters
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