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Welcome to Hortus


Hortus is a certified social enterprise garden design, build, and maintenance service 

available to you!

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We curate spaces for connection

Hortus offers garden design, landscaping and builds from start to finish! Our team can provide ongoing maintenance and steam weeding, governance ideas, and upskilling for garden users as part of our legacy. Be it medical centers, shopping malls, urban office rooftops, charity groups, schools, and more, we can be there for you.


Whilst we love a transaction arrangement, that is not our preferred way of working. We are all about people and places and would enter assignments with you looking to build relationships and collaboration for the future that solve system problems.


Hortus helps us offer employment and volunteering pathways for those who live within public housing and surrounding communities or who are CALD.

We seek to meet you and your community's needs with our place-based approach.


Let us improve your environment with Steam Weeding and Garden Maintenance.

As accredited social traders we plow

any surplus back into our purpose. 

Hortus builds on over 20 years of garden experience - handling small and large contracts, including State and Local Governments. Cultivating Community already maintains over 21 garden sites and 800 traditional plots across Melbourne.  


Our depth and breadth of culturally appropriate food-growing native plants and shrubs are rich in history. 

Hortus is developing social prescribing pathways with health professionals. This is literally a GP referral into Hortus to use the experience of being part of Garden build and maintenance services to set new goals and improve health and potential. 

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Collingwood Childrens Farm 2021

Why Hortus

Help us build a 

better food future

If you are looking for garden design, build, or maintenance service with a difference, 

look no further than Hortus!

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75_HortusLogo_Art01_Artboard 1 - hortus logo.png
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