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Together, we can move closer to improving our environment. 


As an accredited social enterprise, we believe it's important to share what we learn. We aim to share practical skills and knowledge about growing, harvesting and preparing food with people of all ages as well as support corporate and business organisations with solving their ESG Agendas.

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We can create a unique  workshop and ESG plan for your organisation

Tailored workshops are available. Consult with us today

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Attend a workshop

We have a wide range of exciting workshops available for everyone in the community


"Great presentation and information.
Cultivating Community has been really easy to work with and they have tailored a session to our particular community needs"



We can inspire your workforce to think about all matters related to growing food and ESG, as well as help a variety of different age groups, cultural groups, and community groups to embrace the benefits of food and gardening.


From the plough to the plate, we know it,  we love it, and we share it.


We go beyond that and can help with all ideas about composting, food waste and the circular economy.


We offer a variety of workshops online.  or  directly at your private office, community group, neighbourhood house, council, school, or private event. ​


Let us inform and inspire your teams and people. If you commission our team you know that any surplus created is reinvested back into our organization to help our communities across the Public Housing of Melbourne and the sustainability of our rooftop farm. To discuss the themes and details of your potential event, contact our Workshop Officer Simone:


We can consult on the following topics and more and have a special ESG package for corporates and businesses! 

Community Gardens & Urban Agriculture

  •  Governance & Management

  •  Design & Development of a  Community   Garden

Food Growing at Home

  •  Designing an edible garden

  •  Getting started in the veggie garden

  •  Growing native edibles

  •  Growing vegetables in small spaces

  •  Interesting edible plants to grow at  home

  •  Making soil happy 

  •  Keeping chickens

Making the Most of Your Outdoor Classroom 

  • Food Gardening with Children

  •  Nature Play in Early Childhood

  •  Setting up a School Food Garden

  •  Sustainability

Food Waste Avoidance and Recycling 

  •  Designing an edible garden

  •  Getting started in the veggie garden

  •  Growing native edibles

  •  Growing vegetables in small spaces

  •  Interesting edible plants to grow at  home

  •  Making soil happy 

  •  Keeping chickens

Inclusive Community Building 

  • Setting up a Community Garden

  •  Compost Hub

Or, select from our existing workshops

  • Make wicking beds from recycled materials

  •  Beginner compost, worm farms and bokashi bins

  • Make a Blue-banded bee apartment block

  • Propagating plants from cuttings

  • Healing herbal teas for mothers

  • Composting and worm farming for kids

  • Grow your own native edibles

  • How to save and germinate seeds

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