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Community Gardens
We are well known and experienced in Community Gardens.

In particular we manage for Government many Public Housing Gardens as well as those in social and affordable housing, local neighborhoods, within organisations and a variety of settings. We will often partner and collaborate with Housing Associations, Corporates and Community to solve challenges and create connection and green spaces that thrive and we support architects and designers to incorporate food based green gardens into their designs.     
Via the Public Housing Community Gardens, we invest in opportunities for CALD groups to access healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food.

Public Housing gardens are mostly still individual plot spaces, but more and more green gardens are open spaces for everyone to share. A place to be active or passive in. Cultivating Community has a "green gathering' model for these open spaces as well as governance, standards and skills to support traditional plot-based locations. 

We can build, design, maintain and run these spaces with our ultimate goal to do this with community as leaders in their own space. 

Community gardens everywhere not only enhance the physical environment for people but also provide an inclusive gathering place, where people can come together across all cultures, lifestyles and backgrounds.  

Our funding for Community Gardens Support on Public Housing Estates comes from the Victorian State Government.

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