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Our team

Our passionate, skilled and expert staff work in the following teams

Abdelaziz Mohamed Said Ali Osman, Maintenance Support and Hortus
Almari van der Merwe, Social Connection Officer, Cooking Facilitator (Flemington, Brighton, Prahran) 
Amy Law, Garden Officer

Anna Tait, HR Manager (SMT)
Connor Byrnes , Landscape Designer and Hortus

Cassandra Hogan, Baker ( Fitzroy)
Cerys Ap Rees, Urban Farmer Collaborative Gardens
Eloise Easton, North Richmond Cooking Coordinator, Baker ( Richmond, Flemington)

Heidi Sanghvi, Garden Support Worker
Jess Mbaya , Social Connection Supervisor and Garden Educator (SMT)
Henri Muniz, Garden Maintenance, Design and Build Supervisor and Hortus ( SMT)
Joanna Temme, Garden Educator
Joel Fitzgerald, Property and Garden Handyperson
Poppy Turbiak, Team Leader Community Gardens (SMT)
Sam Thomas, Grounds Maintenance and Labourer and Hortus
Sifiso Mdluli, Garden Support Worker
Simone Broekman, Learning and Education Supervisor and WISE Pathways (SMT)
Tara Behen, Garden Officer
Thi Tran, Finance Bookeeper
Bryony Hughes, Garden Officer
Liam Robertson, Garden Maintenance, Labourer and Hortus 
Emily, Emma, Fraya, Wisnu, Musti, Casual support Cooking and Gardens 


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