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This is the current survey: 

Annual Survey Link

Dear Gardener, 

Cultivating Community want to explain about two surveys we would like to do with the 800 gardeners in the Public Housing Community Garden program. In a survey we can ask all gardeners the same questions so we can improve how we plan and respond to your needs in the garden. 

  • We want to understand how much the gardens make a difference to you.  

  • We want to hear how we can improve our service.  

  • We want to know how we can communicate clearly to all of you  

We are a non-profit organisation and have a contract with the Government to manage the Community Gardens.  We are considering how we support the gardeners and develop activities that benefit the majority, so the results are important.   

We plan to carry out two surveys each year for the next three years. These will be in early Spring and late Summer. The results are anonymous and not identifiable to a person or where you live. 

You do not have to answer every question if you do not want to. 

You do not have to take part if you do not want to. We would really value it if you did though.   


Once the surveys have ended our team will discuss what we learn with meetings in the garden, once we are allowed. We will also post a summary of the results on our website and share the link with you all. 


The two surveys are:    

Survey 1: Cultivating Community Annual Spring Survey – this survey will happen in Sept or October each year and ask questions about your use of the garden, the enjoyment you get from it and its benefits to you and your community.

Survey 2: Cultivating Community Annual Feedback Survey – this survey will happen in February each year and asks questions about us and how well you think we do our job. This will help us to improve or change our support in the garden to you.  

We will keep the surveys short – no more than 10 questions 

We will share these via SMS link, press the link to go to the survey page. 

You can choose which language you would like to complete the survey in. 

They will be anonymous. 

We hope you will take the time to answer the surveys.  

Thank you for your time.   

If you have any questions, then do contact your support worker.   

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