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‘Let’s Keep Cooking’ is a project by Cultivating Community that is all about designing and starting food projects and programs with the community. These programs are open to everyone on the estate and will be culturally appropriate, sustainable, and joyful!

About Us

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93% of people are more worried about if they can afford food since Covid19

63% of people have worried about how to afford food for the last 6 months

31% of people had run out of food and couldn’t afford any more at least once in the last 12months

-Buckley 2020 all above 3 Fitzroy Food Review


Lets Get Cooking UK shows 60% improved skills and 80% ate healthier as a result. Loneliness can make you feel like you don’t belong, which undermines your sense of self and wellbeing (Farmer et al, 2017).

These factors alone are associated with worse health and wellbeing (Caccioppo &Caccioppo, 2014). Feeling lonely also changes how you interact with others – you can become negative or defensive (Caccioppo et al, 2013).


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Let's Keep Cooking aims to help join the dots between collaborations, localities, and community cooking activities across the City of Yarra.

Through inclusive and culturally appropriate content, Let's Keep Cooking aims to provide a platform in which people from a diverse range of backgrounds can come together around food.


 North Richmond and Fitzroy 

We have longstanding relationships at the Atherton and North Richmond Estates. We began managing the Atherton Community Garden in 2002, our involvement with the Fitzroy Food Centre began in the garden and grew from there! We began managing the space in 2012, running a successful after school cooking program and a food market.


In 2014, through community consultation and partnership, the Fitzroy Food Centre was established in its current form! The centre is a hub that connects the community garden and the kitchen, providing a place for gathering, connecting and knowledge sharing through the medium of food and gardening.


During the pandemic it has served as a base for our food relief program, and it is the home of our High Rise Baking Group! The North Richmond Estate is home to the largest community garden we manage – Highett St, as well as the Lennox St Garden. It is also where our office space is located.


In 2020, we employed our North Richmond Coordinator through our Let’s Keep Cooking program to run cooking and gardening programs on the estate, which will enable us to deepen our connection with the estate- not just through the community gardens but through cooking activities as well!