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The international history
of Let's Keep Cooking

View the UK's Let's Get Cooking program evaluations


A decade ago, our current CEO Rob Rees MBE DL was Chairperson of School Food Trust ( Childrens Food Trust) in the UK. He had been with the Trust since the inception after being appointed by the UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.


One of its leading projects at the time was Let's Get Cooking and the role out of 5000 Cooking Clubs in Schools to help inspire young people towards choosing fresher and tastier school meals by recognising the types of ingredients and cooking methods used to prepare them.  


At that time so many knew the positive impact of cooking on our lives but there was no project at scale that could prove it. Let's Get Cooking was developed to be able to be scaled, replicated across a community of practice to glean that information.  It went on to have way more than 5000 Cooking Clubs and has impact on so many.


Cultivating Community is blending this experience with our knowledge of local communities and cultural nuances to recipes, flavours, ingredients.


We are taking expertise of nearly 25 years of working within public housing communities and the energy of creative cooking during the global pandemic to combine our activity under the title Let's Keep Cooking.   

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