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Unity Challenge

Unity Challenge is an immersive leadership development program for corporate organizations that blends participation as equals with members of the community who face barriers to employment. The immersive experience is in cooking and / or horticulture. Whilst helping corporates to achieve their ESG Agenda it in particular helps develop a sense of purpose, empathy, emotional intelligence, growth mindsets and more. New practical skills may be gained around cooking, waste management, circular economics, cultural inclusion and co design. It is a challenge for a reason with often tough conversations to be had and heard but fun, joy and connection always succeed.  

The corporate participants take part in the program as equals with wider community members and use the immersive experience to address possible challenges but often discover they have more in common than difference and use the strengths-based approach to overcome some of the Kitchen or Garden based challenges.

Unity Challenge can be shaped to be a full program of one day per week for 6 weeks or anything less than that including even just one day!   Do email us for discussion 


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