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የእኛ ቦርድ

ቦርዳችን ስለማሳደግ ከፍተኛ ፍላጎት አለው።  ጤናማ ፣ የተገናኙ ማህበረሰቦች።

የእነሱ ልምድ ማህበረሰብን መሰረት ያደረጉ አገልግሎቶችን፣ ፋይናንስን፣ ህግን እና ያካትታል  የንግድ አማካሪ



ጄን ሃድያን,  አጠቃላይ አባል

ጄን የ CC ቦርድን በጃንዋሪ 2018 ተቀላቀለች ። ጄን በንግድ ልማት ፣ በስርዓት አስተሳሰብ እና በንድፍ አስተሳሰብ ላይ እውቀትን ታመጣለች። ጄን በተለይ በማህበረሰብ የአትክልት ስፍራዎች ጥቅሞች ተመስጧዊ ነው ደህንነትን ለመገንባት እንደ መሳሪያ እና እንደ ፀደይ ቦርድ ኢኮኖሚያዊ ተሳትፎ። በአሁኑ ጊዜ ራሷን የምትሰራ እና የንግድ አላማቸውን እና ስልታቸውን ለማስማማት የሚፈልጉ የንግድ መሪዎችን ትደግፋለች።

Board Photo - Jazmin.jpg

Jazmin Poyser, Vice President, Chair of Governance

Jazmin (joined October 2022) is an investment manager working with Indigenous organisations across the country. She brings to Cultivating Community her experiences from various investment boards, coupled with 9 years in the property sector in valuations and financing. She balances social outcomes with financial growth. 


Jazmin wants to see urban agriculture and regenerative farming flourish, circular economy embraced, and the power that food has on health & wellbeing, empowerment and sense of belonging harnessed. 


She is a Startmate Women Fellow and is studying a Master of Applied Finance at Macquarie University. On the weekends you’ll find her tending to her balcony garden or baking with sourdough.

Profile Photo.jpg

Haley Graydon, Secretary

Haley joined the board in October 2022. Haley is a senior solicitor with over 5 years of specialised experience in complex, multi-party construction and finance disputes in Victoria and Western Australia. Completing a double major in Law and Environmental Science at The University of Western Australia, Haley brings her expertise and passion to expand the harmonization of urban development and sustainable agriculture. Travelling extensively, Haley appreciates the cultural significance of food and the positive contributions it can make to mental health, community spirit and intergenerational learning. Haley enjoys getting her hands dirty (in the gardens!) and assisting to grow cultivating community's vision of inspiring a healthy and just world. 


Pirathap Naguleswaran, Treasurer

Pirathap joined the board in October 2022. Pirathap currently serves as CFO for Sourci, prior to Souri he held many positions for companies from various industries in Australia and internationally. He brings over 12 years of experience in finance management, treasury management, risk management, governance, and leadership experience to CC's Board. Pirathap is a CFA charter holder, a member of CPA (Australia), and holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management and Computer science. Pirathap is passionate about serving communities, eliminating poverty, and protecting the planet.

DB headshot.JPG

Diana Baker, General Member

Diana served for several years with the United Nations in countries emerging from conflict, working alongside political and community leaders to rebuild institutions and social cohesion. Diana currently provides advisory services to international and national clients seeking to review, evaluate or design programs and organisational systems that bring about social change in communities. She loves to support programs and organisations that have an integrated social, economic and environmental purpose.   



ማጊ ማኬንድ፣  አጠቃላይ አባል

ማጊ (ጁላይ 2021 ተቀላቅሏል) የማህበረሰብ ተሳትፎ ስፔሻሊስት ነው እና ከ10 ዓመታት በላይ በህዝብ፣ በግል እና መንግስታዊ ባልሆኑ ዘርፎች እንዲሁም የአካባቢ ማስተርስ። የካርበን አሻራችንን እንድንቀንስ እና የማህበረሰብን ደህንነት እንድናሻሽል በሚያስችለን ለዘላቂ ልማት እና በዓላማ የሚመሩ የንግድ ሞዴሎች ትወዳለች። 

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