Workshops & Consultancy 

Working with government bodies, local councils and other community groups we increase awareness of food insecurity, educate the community on the importance of food growing, food waste minimisation and the benefits of composting. 


We support the establishment of community gardens, providing advice on

design through to governance models.

We can present workshops, deliver presentations or engage in consultancies on a wide range of topics for all ages and diverse language groups.

We can consult on the following topics 

Community Gardens & Urban Agriculture

  •  Governance & Management

  •  Design & Development of a  Community   Garden

Making the Most of Your Outdoor Classroom 

  •  Food Gardening with Children

  •  Nature Play in Early Childhood

  •  Setting up a School Food Garden

  •  Sustainability

Inclusive Community Building 

  •  Setting up a Community Garden

  •  Compost Hub

Food Growing at Home

  •  Designing an edible garden

  •  Getting started in the veggie garden

  •  Growing native edibles

  •  Growing vegetables in small spaces

  •  Interesting edible plants to grow at  home

  •  Making soil happy 

  •  Keeping chickens

Food Waste Avoidance and Recycling 

  •  Beginner Composting & Worm Farming

  •  Advanced Home Composting 

  •  Food Waste Recycling

  •  Love Food Hate Waste

  •  School Food Waste Recycling


Workshops for councils


Horticulture services

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Teacher Professional Development