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Let's Keep Cooking Richmond


Cooking in Richmond

Join a cooking club to meet people, try new food and learn how to cooking healthy meals!

Free ingredients packs and classes. Sign up today!

Cultivating Community will be starting free cooking clubs in Richmond: online during lockdown, and face-to-face when lockdown ends.

There are cooking clubs for young people and for adults.

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High Rise – Richmond community baking group

Would you like to join the baking group?

We bake together using the wood fire oven at the Highett Street Community Garden.

The baking group is open to everyone. We can teach you how to bake or bring along your own recipes to share with the group.

Come to bake, come to eat or come to meet and talk with neighbours.

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Living Food Box 

These Living Food Boxes will provide your family with fresh, healthy food for months and enable an ongoing food supply across all seasons. These boxes are versatile and can set up on a balcony or patio, or placed in the garden to provide you with fresh herbs, greens and vegetables over the year.

This form is also for growing food indoors even if you do not have an outdoor space. 

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