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Cultivating Community is a Melbourne based not for profit organisation creating joyful, connected communities who care for each other and the earth.

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Securing sustainable food supply for public housing residents and vulnerable members of our community at this difficult time

As the wide reaching impact of COVID-19 unfold, our food system and urban food spaces are being put to the test. For Cultivating Community this includes our ability to support public housing tenants through providing fresh meals and safe spaces to grow food.

Our community meals and gardens programs support over 2,000 people living on public housing estates to access fresh, healthy, culturally appropriate food. Due to COVID-19, these essential spaces of community connection have been put on hold.

Cultivating Community now plan to bounce back through three stages: RELIEF, RECOVERY and RESET. 

Our team will look to support food resilience programs that are culturally appropriate, find ways to bake more bread from our High Rise Bakery and Garden and develop meaningful ways to keep us socially connected while safely distanced.

Your donation will support us to restock fresh food, increase the number of urban food gardens ready for the next seasonal harvest and provide alternative to cooking programs during this time.

We will also manage the public housing gardens that so many residents see as a taste of home and a place of connection as vibrant as we can.

Our approach will aim to provide both immediate relief, as well as long term recovery in ways that reconnect people to each other and nature, and reset the ways we as a community rely on food networks. 

We will find ways to measure what we do, build more enterprise out of what we learn and make sure for future generations we provide the best practical learning and education resources to reach a tipping point of understanding around food systems and climate change.

We know this is a difficult time for all, any donation is greatly appreciated.

Every dollar helps us amplify our work connecting communities to each other and nature, bringing culturally appropriate food and gardening to public housing estates and raising awareness of inequality & environmental impact of our food system.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.