Workplace Giving

Make the most of your donations

Workplace giving allows your team to make tax deductible donations which help Cultivating Community to support public housing and school food gardeners.

What is the process for employees and employers?

The employer of the workplace organises a workplace giving program by encouraging employees of the business to regularly donate a certain percentage of their pre-tax pay to Cultivating Community.The amount to be donated is subtracted from the person’s pay before their tax has been calculated, thereby moving them into a lower pay bracket and reducing the amount of tax withheld. The employee will then claim the donation in their tax return at the end of the financial year. The employer can choose to match the employee donations, thereby also incurring a tax benefit. This sum is transferred in bulk directly to Cultivating Community, minimising administration costs and ensuring that 100% of donations go directly to where they are most needed.

For more information on Workplace Giving, please visit the ATO site.

If you and your colleagues choose to regularly donate to a particular Cultivating Community project, you will see important innovations develop thanks to your investment. If you are interested in setting up a Workplace Giving program or would like more information, please contact our Fundraising Manager at or 03 9429 3084.

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