Fundraising Policy – Sponsorships & Donations

Fundraising Policy – Sponsorships & Donations



The purpose of this policy and related procedures is to ensure that any fundraising is consistent with the organisation’s mission, purpose, values and strategic directions


Funding Body – a funding body is an organisation that funds Cultivating Community to provide specific services, projects or events. A contract is signed between the two parties as to the nature of the obligations of each party.  Funding bodies are generally Government departments, philanthropic trusts or other grant making organisations.

Partner – a partner is an organisation or individual with whom Cultivating Community undertakes joint work. Both Cultivating Community and the partner contribute funds to the partnership.

Sponsor – a sponsor is an organisation or individual that pays for, or contributes to, the costs involved in providing a service, project or event, in return for recognition.

Donor – a donor is an organisation or individual who donates funds to be utilised for Cultivating Community’s purposes that does not seek public recognition of the donation. The donation may or may not be tied to a specific service, project or event.

This policy applies to Sponsors and Donors.

Policy Statement

  • Cultivating Community is committed to ethical fundraising, consistent with the values of the organisation.
  • Fundraising activities will not be undertaken if they expose Cultivating Community to any significant financial or reputational risk.
  • All monies raised via fundraising activities will be utilised for the stated purpose of the appeal
  • Fundraising targets will be linked to the goals and targets of the Strategic Plan and the annual Service Plan.
  • Fundraising activities will respect the potential recipients of Cultivating Community’s services and will be culturally appropriate to those groups and will comply with all relevant laws.
  • Any communications to the public made in the course of carrying out a fundraising activity shall be truthful and non-deceptive.
  • No person directly or indirectly employed by, or volunteering for, Cultivating Community shall accept commissions or bonuses for fundraising activities on behalf of the organisation.


Cultivating Community will seek sponsorships and donations through a range of avenues, including; direct appeal, at events, through the media, or via the Website.


  • Prior to entering any sponsorship, Cultivating Community will search publicly available information about the potential sponsor to ensure that their mission and values align with those of Cultivating Community.
  • The Board will assess this information and decide whether to enter a sponsorship arrangement with the organisation or individual.
  • A written agreement outlining the nature of the sponsorship, and the agreed form of acknowledgement, will be signed by both parties prior to any sponsorship activities taking place.


  • Small donations will be accepted from any party
  • Large donations will be accepted only after discussion with the potential donor and the Board’s assurance that Cultivating Community’s reputation could not in any way be damaged by accepting the donation
  • A receipt will be issued for all donations.

Ethical considerations

All personal information, collected by Cultivating Community in the course of its fundraising activities, is confidential and will not be sold, given away or disclosed to any third party without consent.

Risk Management

  • In general, donations or sponsorships will not be accepted from individuals or companies associated with activities that are not in line with Cultivating Communities values.
  • A project plan and statement estimating income and expenses will be prepared prior to the commencement of any new fundraising activity
    • A risk management plan will be drawn up for any fundraising activities that may present a significant risk to Cultivating Community.