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Research & Data

Cultivating Community recognises the importance of research and data to demonstrate to government and the community the impacts and benefits from community food projects. We continue to foster relationships with researchers and Universities and host interns undertaking research as part of their studies.

Current Research

  1. Victoria University food researcher, Dr Isabelle de Solier, is currently researching the impact of the Footsray FOODpath community garden on the people who use it. The gardeners at Footscray include many members of the population most at risk of food insecurity, including refugees, asylum seekers, and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
  2. La Trobe University PhD candidate Liz Chapman is currently working on her thesis which is an in-depth anthropological study of the community of gardeners who make up one of Cultivating Community’s gardens. This research looks at themes such as multiculturalism, reciprocity and resilience.

Potential Research Topics

Cultivating Community has an interest in partnering with relevant researchers on topics including:

  • Identification and evaluation of the health and well-being impacts of community gardens or school food gardens.
  • Evaluation of impacts on mental health through the experience of growing food/participating in a community or school food garden
  • Evaluation of the impacts of growing culturally appropriate food
  • Productivity of community garden plots and impacts on food security
  • Crop diversity amongst different cultural communities
  • Behavioural change impacts from participation in food waste programs
  • Comparative analysis of the emissions reduction from a range of community and in-vessel composting systems

If you are a researcher interested in collaborating with Cultivating Community please contact us at