Past Projects

Putting Down Roots


Putting Down Roots was an exciting gardening and horticulture pilot program which aimed to improve the food security and emotional well-being of asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants in Melbourne. Cultivating Community worked in partnership with CERES Community Environmental Park and the Australian Red Cross to deliver this 6 month program in 2012.

The Putting Down Roots program was designed to ensure:

• Participants had the opportunity to develop horticulture and gardening knowledge

• Participants had improved access to healthy food, and were empowered with the knowledge and ability to continue to produce food

• Participants experienced improved confidence, and feelings of social and emotional well-being

• The Australian public were presented with a positive and alternative perspective of asylum seekers living in the community

The Putting Down Roots program delivered a sustainable eight-week gardening training course for all participants, providing participants with the opportunity to develop and expand their gardening skills as well as nutritional knowledge.

The program provided and supported opportunities for each participant to grow their own vegetables either in their own home or in a local community garden. By creating the opportunities for participants to develop knowledge, skills and facilities to grow their own vegetables, the program improved the food security and emotional well-being of all participants.

‘Community Garden and Market Projects in Low Income Communities’

Peta Christensen’s 2004 report written during her year long Churchill Fellowship details a personal journey into global urban agriculture and food security developments.