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Fitzroy Estate After School Cooking Program

In order to keep running our after school cooking program we are aiming to raise $2500 by the end of 2017 and are asking for your help to meet this target. With the support of the All at Once foundation we have a limited opportunity to double our funds as they are generously matching all donations made between now and December 31st.

Donations are tax deductible and can be acknowledged with a card or certificate to display in your business, in addition to this we would like to publicly thank all business donors on social media as acknowledgement of your generosity and commitment to supporting equity and food security in your local community.

The Atherton gardens housing estate in Fitzroy is home to over 2000 families and individuals from all corners of the globe, many who are from refugee and migrant backgrounds. Despite being situated in such an affluent community many residents of the housing estate experience food insecurity on a daily basis, meaning kids and families do not have access to enough healthy nutritious food to meet their health and well being needs.

Food insecurity has ongoing negative impacts for children in the short and long-term affecting their academic ability and contributing to health issues including obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Community based approaches to improving the access to fresh, healthy and culturally appropriate food are a vital part of the solution to fighting food insecurity, poverty and hunger.

Cultivating Community began running an after school program in the Fitzroy community kitchen to engage primary school aged children in a program that builds cooking skills, confidence and food literacy. The After School Cooking program provides children with access to fresh food but also to a positive food experience, teaching skills and knowledge around healthy eating that will serve them for life.

The program has been a huge success and is very popular with kids and families on the estate with demand for the program exceeding capacity, and limited funding to continue running into 2018.

To find out more about our after school cooking program and organisation please visit our website

And to donate please visit the karma currency link displayed on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Your support is immensely appreciated.

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