Our Services

Our Workshop & Consultancy Services

Cultivating Community can present workshops, deliver presentations or engage in consultancies on a wide range of topics for all ages and diverse language groups. We provides support for local government through providing workshops to staff, capacity building for community groups or delivering community education programs. These range from talks, practical hands-on workshops, focus groups or educational workshops.

Topics could include:

  • Food waste avoidance (eg using leftovers, smart shopping, preserving etc)
  • Food waste recycling (eg composting, worm farms, bokashi and large scale systems)
  • Community gardens (eg design and development of a garden, governance, management issues, creating community)
  • Developing a food-based program
  • Local Food and Sustainable Food systems
  • Urban agriculture
  • School food garden workshops (eg Designing and building a school garden, starting a school garden with limited time, budget, and space, Incorporating school gardens into the curriculum and School gardens and Community Engagement)
  • Bush foods gardening
  • Community Food Projects
  • Health and Well being impacts of food projects
  • Other food or community-related topics (please contact us to discuss further)

Past projects have included:

  • Delivery of 17 workshops to participants of the Food Know How program (a project jointly developed with the City of Yarra) on food waste avoidance and recycling (composting, worm farms and bokashi) and a range of other food-waste management workshops for members of the public.
  • Capacity building for three community garden community groups
  • School food garden workshops including Starting School Food Gardens and Incorporating a Garden into the Curriculum
  • Introduction to Community Gardens for local government staff
  • School Holiday Activity Herb Garden for children of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

If you are interested in Cultivating Community providing a service, please contact us at  to discuss our costs and availability.

Unfortunately we are not able provide free services to community groups. Please consult our Resources Page for some useful contacts and information that will hopefully assist with your needs.