Developing Innovative Projects

Cultivating Community has a history of being ahead of its time with early involvement in the development of community gardens, particularly amongst public housing communities, empowering communities to manage food waste locally and a long history with development and management of school food gardens.

Cultivating Community has experience with using food as a basis for improving sustainability and also for improving the health and well being of individuals and communities. As part of our commitment to see innovative food projects develop, we have prepared a number of reports to assist communities in the development of community food enterprises including  A Guide for Community Food Enterprises in the West and From the Ground Up Food Projects Guide.

We will continue to work with local and State governments and communities to develop and implement projects which are innovative and achieve a range of positive economic, social and environmental outcomes.

These principles are exemplified in current projects under initial phases of development (and requiring further funds for expansion):

Fitzroy Community Food Centre

Cultivating Community is transforming the Atherton Gardens Community Kitchen into the Fitzroy Community Food Centre (FCFC). The FCFC is now a dynamic hub of community food activity engaging and partnering with community groups and organisations running a multitude of programs, events and activities in the centre. The link for these activities is food; however the forms they take are varied and appeal to a wide cross section of the community. The FCFC provides an integrated and facilitated space incorporating a kitchen and a garden allowing for synergies and cross pollination to occur between the programs and user groups. For more details on the future of the FCFC please read the Project Report.

Cultivating Community would like to thank the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation for supporting us with a three year ‘Survive and Thrive‘ grant.


Compost Cyclers

Compost Cyclers was Cultivating Community’s Social Enterprise idea which we took to The Crunch Social Traders Program in 2015 to explore all elements of its viability and sustainability. The Compost Cyclers idea offers residents and businesses a user-pays bicycle pickup service to process food waste from cafes, restaurants and catering companies at local composting sites. This compost provides a further economic stream through its sale to local food growing organisations and individuals including Public Housing Community Gardens, Landscaping and Urban Food Producers. Through the Crunch process we realised that we were not in a position to develop the enterprise on the kind of scale that would be required to make the business viable, however there is much scope for projects in the areas of food waste reduction and community composting.  We are continuing to explore innovative ways to work with communities and local governments in this important area. Thankyou to Sustainability Victoria for funding our spot in the 2015 Crunch program.

Footscray FOODpath

The Footscray FOODpath was a collaborative community partnership between Cultivating Community, Victoria University, Foodbank Victoria, CityMaking Collective, and the African Australian Community Centre (itself a partnership between the Brotherhood of St Laurence and the Anglican Parish of Footscray). Footscray FOODpath was about creating a pathway to food security, health and nutrition, skill development, community connection, and social inclusion in Footscray, an area where levels of food insecurity are double the Victorian average.

Support Us

If you would like to support the development of these innovative projects, please visit our Donation Page. If you would like more information on these projects, please contact us at or 03 9429 3084.

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