Sunnyfields Community Garden

Sunnyfields Community Garden, Northcote

Sunnyfields Community Garden was developed by Cultivating Community, in partnership with the Northcote Baptist Church in 2013. The church has provided temporary access and land for the garden, which involved a rebuild of a former garden centre and nursery.

The garden was officially opened on 26th May 2013 by Cultivating Community former CEO Michael Gourlay and representatives from the Baptist Church and co-managed by both groups until December 31st 2014.  This was the first non-public housing community garden that we worked with to develop and facilitate a new garden space which included erecting twenty-two 1.2 metre squared raised beds. The gardens were prioritised for locals, many of whom hadn’t previously had access to any food growing space and continues to be a unique and inspiring inner-city green space.

In January 2015 Northcote Baptist Church took over full management of the garden, you can contact Cameron Healey at 

We’re extremely proud of what was accomplished in a short span of time and we are keen to work with other new community gardening projects in the future.

The Garden is located in Melbourne, at 540 High St Northcote.