CC Supports Enviroweek 2014

We’re proud to be a supporter of Enviroweek 2014 which challenges young Australians to take positive everyday action for a sustainable Australia. All Enviroweek challenges are about making smart choices and have black balloons measurements for young people to watch their action grow across their school, community and Australia-wide.

Learn more about how it works and follow the live action on the Enviroweek websiteTwitter and Facebook:

  • Watch the number of young Australians taking action
  • See their black balloon savings
  • Watch challenge and State impacts
  • Follow participating school projects

Cultivating Community will be supporting Enviroweek by promotion through our networks, social media and our range of programs including community gardens, school food gardens, the Food Know How composting program, and through the Fitzroy Community Food Centre. Read more about how CC is supporting Enviroweek

Happy Enviroweek!

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