Process for Volunteer and Internship Expressions of Interest

If you are interested in exploring volunteering opportunities with us, the process is to send an email to our our Volunteer Coordinator at . The process in going from volunteer expression of interest to a rewarding volunteer experience at Cultivating Community will tend to be quicker if you give some considerable thought to your motivations for volunteering, the time you genuinely have available on a regular basis (better to commit to less time than be too optimistic about the time you have amongst your other life demands) and the sorts of projects you would like to work on with us.

The model of volunteering that we find works best for all concerned is where people make a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly time commitment that can be sustained for at least six months. With this model, a suitably rewarding volunteer workplan can be negotiated and fully integrated with the workplans of our paid staff. When it works well, the volunteer not only contributes their skills and experience to specific projects, they also feel part of a broader team of people working collaboratively.